Founded by Adva Center, Injaz Center and the Union of Advisors for Promoting the Status of Women
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“I chose to participate in a project for increasing women’s representation on municipal committees. Thanks to the project, I became a member of the Committee for Advancing the Status of Women. I think that when women take part in running the city, they make things happen, create change and have an influence.” (Alina Zaretzky)

  • Groups
    Kfar Kassem
  • Achievements
    Analyze representation of women in powerful city positions and obstacles to their taking on and maintaining these positions over time. Establish a new forum of women in top positions and public representatives to promote recommendations based on the above analysis
    Or Akiva
    Number of women on municipal committees rose from zero to 13
    Kfar Kassem
    Established Women's Council as advisory body for mayor
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