Founded by Adva Center, Injaz Center and the Union of Advisors for Promoting the Status of Women
Employment & entrepreneurship
Projects Employment & entrepreneurship

“I took part in a project for promoting business entrepreneurship. The project enriched me intellectually, but mostly gave me practical tools and opened important doors into the financial world, which are especially important for women.” (Aviva Nissimov)

  • Groups
    Tirat Carmel

    Mashi – a local women’s group working since 2002 to advance the personal and social status of women in the city

  • Achievements
    Central Galilee
    Integrate issue of women’s work rights into Riyan Employment Center training courses. Organize Women’s Day conference in Beit Jann to raise awareness of women’s work rights and prevent job discrimination and unfair employment.
    Beer Sheba
    Discovered that only 33% of vocational training course participants are women, promoted gender-sensitive planning, changed Employment Office practices for benefit of women
    Or Akiva
    23 women participated in an entrepreneurship training course organized by the forum with MATI – the Business Development Center
    Kiryat Gat
    Hub – women’s workspace pilot with MATI. Participants introduced their businesses and formed recommendations for work with municipality
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